Our History

1990 Manfred Gawol and Klaus Jahnel founded the company mkchemicals, chemisch technische Erzeugnisse GmbH. The company is a experienced and expert producer of pigment preparations for the paint, coating and plastic industries.

1998 Foundation of the affiliated company mk chemicals Leder-, Textil- and Druckfarben GmbH to expand the portfolio with products for the leather and textile industries. With the start of operating a filling equipment, the company specializes and focus on the filling of small packing units like bottles and cans.

2003 Sarah Spur, the company founder Manfred Gawol’s daughter, joins the company. Since 2007, she holds proxy and is responsible for the commercial part.

2013 Mr. Dr. Snovydovych enlarges as head of laboratory our team and enhances with new ideas the company’s know-how and opportunities.

2014 First certification DIN ISO 9001:2008

2014 Introduction of a product-protection paint versus long and short wave radiations indoor.

2015 Introduction of an EPE (Epoxyester)-single coat lacquer as anti-corrosive protection for long lasting paints.

2019 Manfred Gawol suddenly and unexpected passed away. Mr. Gawol was a well-recognized and respected expert in our business world and received all over his business life a multitude of patents, making him very proud.
He transmitted his excellent expertise to Dr. Snovydovych which preserved the continuity of the company.

2021 Andreas Gramann joins the company and takes over jointly with Dr. Bohdan Snovydovych all company shares and management.
Andreas Gramann has worked over the last 30 years in many different leading positions in the coating industry and is focusing on the marketing and sales. Dr. Bohdan Snovydovych is focusing on the technical part, R&D and production.